Wednesday, September 14, 2011

the most fantastic thing

i do believe that tea Is god like. it brings healing and calm to everyone who ever has a cup. it is simply a naturally glorious thing. it grows on its own. it seeps into a natural substance and matures giving off a wonderfully mature golden brown colour. it does all this stuff on its own. it is indpenently a wonderful experience. hot hot hot is how emma likes it. as soon as it cools even a tiny bit i lose interest.if am desperate for a cup, say i am eating biscuits mid afternoon then i might enjoy it so much i drink it warm not hot. but if i am filling time or making it for the enjoyment of making it (a ritual) i like cup after cup of strong tea. it heals me. it really does. and i believe if more people drank tea in this way ( and if more people were offered it) the world would be a better place. because, you gather your thoughts and decide on actions while drinking tea. also you feel your feelings clearer because they come to you when you are relaxed (tea is a great relaxant) know how words you have lost in your mind come to you when you re relaxed? ... well, its like that. tea has made many a good political call and has more than likely made the queen communicate better (lord she needs to get some vocal coaching poor woman, and not sound like an ENT posh disgruntled outpatient nasally challenged seagull, and doesn't she look fantastic for her age?)not to mention while drinking tea people have decided to bite the bullet and leave an abusive husband or indeed propose marriage... tea is the source of straight thinking. it is also good as an accompaniment to good biscuits or cake. both excellent sweet life affirmatives.