Thursday, September 8, 2011

The right way

Oh you, complete skinny jeans
Your life is plainly what it seems
Thick make up is your uniform
And in the winter keeps you warm

Simplicity will be your friend
From now until the bitter end
You'll sit and smoke into my face
And then expand the human race

I saw you in ikea there
Behind some shelves and unaware
That I was watching you once more
And much more closely than before

Your fingers running everywhere
Then running thru your greasy hair
And wiping snot from babies face
Then fingering a teak bookcase

You're nice, I like you, pretty too
I wish I could live more like you
I wish each second didn't try
To challenge me or wonder why

You're perfect made in stone complete
You'll last, you'll weather well, you'll beat
The problems, trials, all the strains,
The buggery or life's refrains

I watch you envious and sad
Cos every second drives me mad
I ask myself if I can cope,
Or if there isn't any hope

There isn't anything I take
And just enjoy for it's own sake
I always question any joy,
Or take the edge off, or destroy

And so the thinking man it seems
Will question those in skinny jeans
And watch and listen and observe
The right way, it's a learning curve.