Sunday, September 18, 2011


stretched out gum
a dali yawn in the sky
breathing so stifled
everything slow, diazepam snail
crawling shuffle creamy frail

slurred eyes, slurred words
i'm scanning idly
the pointillist floor tonight...
arms heavy, trying to breeze...
don't stop my stretching, please...
it is my right to want to fight it
pull from the top and carry the light..
like a christmas lantern bringing mulled wine
reaching sky up from my poke thru hips
push-swoosh ballet flips
my legs are pushing
pushing it away
perhaps it's the
pendulum sway
a see-saw set for flakey players
all so slow in pastry layers

i acknowledge my utter impotence calmly
i can do nothing so i take the tour...
strange sultry pleasure in striving endlessly
for utterly assured ultimate failure
it doesn't hurt because nothing hurts...
i can't get going, but i won't get hurt

levitating girl
watch her float.
ophelia flowing on a reedy note..
give her figs and chocolate leaves
and watch her swim 
forward, out of the frame

falling backwards, feather-gently...
grey film over everything now
sludgy scented blissful mallow
all of your voices
are carried on the air like ghosts
polyphonic wavy sex moans
washing machine cries of nothing
nothing as aimless could ever have been more...
my hair is flowing, i'm not moving
i'm not anxious
everything is simply drifting
pushing towards what...
everything's in place...
for i'm not there yet
i'm not anywhere yet
everything is painlessly slow-mo...
i'm normally much longer than i am right now
rubber band
honey drip
cream stream
smooth move
eyes dimmed
tongue limp
sheets of muslin over my ears and
one love swimming thru the air
watching my body catch up
am i a bubble, or some other something...?

no i'm emma.
i'm just tired.