Tuesday, September 13, 2011

but if

i love designer dresses
and matching handbags too
and antique jewels and cashmere coats
and fine exquisite food
i'm made for it i long for it
I know it will be mine
i'll stay at home creating art
the balance will be fine

i want to sing, and very loud
so that should get a mention
i want to be salome nude
i guess i want attention
i want public hysteria
when i am being funny
and when i'm acting all deranged,
eyes wet and noses runny

it would be nice to sit in church
and be so lost in prayer
i wouldn't hear a cell phone or
feel someone pull my hair.
but if i've helped one person cope,
or made a dark hour light,
or made a sick child giggle, then
life will have been alright.