Friday, September 23, 2011

diary. train.

going on a train can seem like you are starting a new life... away form one place... (where inevitably bad things happened,as they always do, as well as all the good things of course)... and heading to a new place where we shall be afresh. new. virgin. smiling. heady. even if we have been there many times before. yes. a new start. what could be better then that. going on a train. one will buy revolting coffee and biscuits for a million euros apiece and celebrate doing so as it's holiday time (even if it isn't)... we will see backpackers on the train and know we are very slightly above them... why is that... disgraceful really... i haven't cried today yet... its normally all those who cant swim stand on chairs by now... you know, trains are odd things. stress. watching them go without you.getting on one and finding no seats. having to stand all the way is intolerable and i always look really lost and ill until a male stands for me. or backpacker. i was arrested in italy three times in my first month here. each time for ignorance. i didn't know here you have to have bought and stamped your ticket before you board.a police arrest and eighty pounds later i knew. i like the way trains sound. i always imagine the railway children scene where her father comes home, appearing thru the mist and she says ''daddy, its my daddy''. oh, now i am crying.