Friday, September 23, 2011

end of the season

you mosquitos, with your human blood bank
you're sole aim to swim in red and you sank
you came to me desperate for a drink
you little dracula beast, do you think?
you're so driven raw desire to be fed
and sometimes your neediness leaves us dead
do you consider how you will do it?
do you rub yourself jolly when you sit?
you make me so itchy and then i swell so
like a pink marshmallow on a pillow.
you're so common you know, you just don't care
who sees you, or photographs you mid air.
i have no respect for you or the mark
you left on the world after noah's ark.
two by two you flew out and just raised hell
and pissed people off, upset kids as well.
you wanted our blood, oh well good for you
go for your life, if thats all you can do.
oh no! lay eggs fast or you wont survive
i feel so indignant about your drive.
it's so blinkered and corrupts any peace
cant you lay eggs like crocs, bluetits or geese?
i think you get a kick out of your game
biting and being a general pain
you're reign's worse now, and i know the reason
so, tough! cos its the end of the season.