Monday, September 26, 2011


when a feeling rings a bell... when you think, oh god i don't wanna admit it but this feels uncomfortable, and when you ask yourself a question dreading the answer and you feel a really hot uncomfortable cold pressure in your solar plexus its because YOU ARE BEING TOLD SOMETHING by your inner voice (God perhaps) ignore it at your peril. the ones you resist the most are the ones you most need to listen to. i am certain of that.
this is not, of course, to be confused with trouble causing thoughts that come to you to try and mess up your happiness, so you feel a 0.00001%th worry about something and you worry so much you think maybe its true and a big fear thing happens and you get in a state and then you blurt out the most painful thing you can and then you ruin it all for yourself. that is a surprisingly (and depressingly) normal human character trait. to try and shoot yourself in the foot.
i know cos i been doing it for years. people like to make life as hard as possible for themselves. i used to confess to all the mis doings of my brother and sister as a kid. and things not to do with any of us. i took the blame in case it might have been my fault. i told a shrink once he said its really rather common.
so...what does one conclude...
listen to your feelings cos they will save your life form going badly wrong... but don't listen too much.