Friday, September 30, 2011

it wasn't that

so it's not this and it's not that
''why don't you just do what you want ?
why do you need anyones nod?
just, do you approve?''

all i have is the trinity

and thank god for you
and it's not this and it's not that which can bring her from here to there
she rapped so hard, ''you cant come in''
and so he made an apple pie
and then unblocked their loo

he kissed me in the kitchen hard

and oh, thank god for him
so it wont be this and it wont be that
well no, i don't. i can't exist within when i'm without
she called my name and woke me up

raw acid seeps into open wounds

and thank god she did.
so it can't be this , and it can't be that
she shared it all with me, you know
she gave me much in half an hour

with her big arms and sobs of loneliness

and thank god for her
but it might be this it might be that
i'll keep an open mind
i'll ice her birthday cake tomorrow
blow up more balloons

i'll show her how very much i love her

and we'll say ''it was this.''