Friday, September 23, 2011


thru your haze i see myself, a shadow of what used to be, an apricot colour... i was afloat with easiness and with the accompanying joy.... smooth cream relaxed head... now i can't, not for ten thousand oceans... saturated in what should have been... i am lost... just drifting like a feather, grey feather... freedom is one thing, but drifting is quite another and i just can't catch my speed... don't bring me down, don't drag him and her down either, I am happy just drifting now... illusions of grandeur ?my illusions are of getting to the post office ok, you see you never understood me, you never even tried... illusions of my happiness, my fun, how I adore my very emma firework life? there are real rainbows in my wardrobes... lets whisk up drift into a dance... let's dance until we drop, take my hand... let dance in and on the green until we die... you lose your desire to take your place within the charcoal years.... robbed of your will... well, you won't get mine, not in a million... i am lying flat licking water off a dolphins back in a nile blue leotard... my awakening... riding home with the Gods and Goddesses who are my loved ones... hazy, hazy it's just crazy that i still miss you though you're gone, hey, will you be misty long? I am here but are you out there? say yes.