Tuesday, September 13, 2011

conversation with a shepherd

you might feel the urgent
burning desire to be an astronaut
wanted to all your young life, your dream, your exams
when every book in the whole world 
tells you to go for it, whatever your limitations
you won't be one.
but you might break your heart in trying
and i don't think we should ever suffer

they tell you that chasing your dreams
will make your pain worse.
but Master, if i don't express that
for the sheer expression of it
I might have to break a promise...

yes and trust in God, they say
if i trust enough it will all come good
so if you don't get well, you've failed
Master tell me, is that really true?
and if you don't diet on papaya and thyme
and sit in a field of a rare strain or corn virus singing kum bay ya for 5 years
you wont get well?
a get-out clause for the 'health' fanatic bigot zealot bastards
i've done it all !
I know the score.
so now you have the pain, the death sentence, and the guilt to deal with
the wholly-bitter trinity
i knew and its an industry.
Master say it's not like that.
why should people have to suffer

Lord let me tell them, let me speak
punish me after if you will
sufferers, listen, don't have tests
don't waste your life searching
don't see a shrink, don't pay their bills
love your life or what you have
in this moment, I know,it's not what you want.
even if you are hurting and railing, bleeding, on fire.
feel the pain, and feel everything.
if you want to be dead, then honour that wish.
God knows, you had so many wishes you couldn't...
tell them in writing how it really was.
make it your death wish for us all to know
get really rich after death (i am laughing)
get fame sorted posthumously
swing your hermes bag in Heaven
even pathetic crack whores are deified after a young death, remember that
it's a gimmick, you gotta have a gimmick.

don't sully your perfect rose, rose darling
you are complete now, as you are
you cant see it, but it's real
you are so lovely, rose, darling
A perfect rose in a perfect garden.
Master, isn't her beauty divine?
Let us call her Mary tonight

do you have voices in your head?
do you hear the facts today?
are you ill or just very sad?
do you just feel you're in the wrong show?
is it strauss or is it sondheim with you?
how are you today?

oh and, how am i today ?