Friday, September 23, 2011

on stumbling across a flash of normal

so take us home, love, lie with me
let us be still, i'll make fine tea
i need a hush sweet valium still
i need your scent and, yes, i will
you bring me pink and green and blue
your colours nest within mine too
i need your poise, your breath, your balm
beneath your gaze, beneath your arm
you give to me your regal power
i give to you my wilting flower
and when we're home i feel relief
and yet i'll shiver, life lost leaf
there's nothing strange about the calm
beneath the pleasure's stormy harm
the violence in lust and fits
the stone bits and the feather bits
just resting i'm inside you more
than yesterday, and days before
i've longed for comfort all my life
the glass the spoon the fork the knife
there's safety, yes, in numbers, true
when there is love, that number's two.