Thursday, September 15, 2011

turning the wheel

earn it, win it, or inherit,
money's everything, you know,
everything you own you bought or,
someone gave you (or you stole)

money's nothing, that's a lie though
glorious jewels and clothes and chocs
jaguars, an easy life and
gifts arriving in a box!

would you rather win the lotto?
who's the champion? you for once
that's your claim to fame, sweet dreamer.
million's great, the rest is bunce 

would you rather just inherit
jewels, your home, your every thought
might be fun to sit there knowing
nothing in your pad was bought

would you rather you had earned it
give you healthy self respect
(mum and dad were knackered teachers,
reader, what do you expect?)

when my mind and age were younger
what i dreamt of was to earn it
feel that pride, be independent 
make my own big wheel and turn it

then you take some years of living
want and pressure, rent and tears
made my light of ideals dimmer
months of debt had turned to years

suddenly my thoughts were desperate
didn't know which way to turn
pushed by fire with the need to
be resourceful and to earn

my conclusion's not to do things
feeling that one need or must
then things blow up in your face and
what you do have falls to dust

then you see your friends enjoying
all of their ill gotten gains
and you want what they have sorely
jealousy, though, leaves its stains

then a friend's great aunt will croak
and they'll inherit all her stash
and from being mansion owners
now they'll surely drown in cash

hang your morals for the moulah.
and what makes me puke a bit
is left wing preaching prancing rock stars
managing to suffer it...

nobody will mind some extra
nobody refuses that
we've got lots to work on 'giving'
'to receive' we've got down pat

if i'd married into money
i could not be satisfied
also i'd resent the hand-outs
damaging my sense of pride

think that to inherit's mindless
think that lotto wins are gross
think that getting gifts is dreamy...
not the option i'd like most

what i want to do is earn it
to delight in what i've spent
and i want a miracle
so I don't die in the attempt