Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Love on the sea

come to me
love on the sea
come back sea foam memory
float your driftwood
moon pulled dream
roll it overboard to me

come to me
mermaid green
neptune had a fantasy
my arms are open, heavy now
can't stay awake
don't let us drown

come to me
starry sea
fools think
it's the enemy

come to me
beautiful ease
cool my brow
your salty breeze

come to me
the pull and push
it is to breathe
the ebb the flow
lime-bitter taste
the netting float
the rusty can
the bottle tops
faded crisp packet.
sea gulls squeaky desperate cries
wedding rings
and lost romances
People lost.
people found drowned.
bottled messages, i can't even write it,
undelivered, undelivered
the angels' voices melting sounds
her gentle coral smile
that only the sea can sing...
only the sea can really sing.

so, come to me
love on the sea