Friday, September 9, 2011


Blank everywhere
I feel nothing, a faint sickening fear maybe
Underneath the workings out
And pencil markings
Comfort love
Thank god for that

But blank... New for me. New things.
White puddles are the wildest thngs
That ever could be
In these surreal surroundings
You said it would be and so it will
Thank god for that

But blank is everywhere
A biscuit embargo in bologna
Quick quick One two!
Let's fill that space before we miss
The Italian stallion and the straw mall
That guy always has a smile for me
Every day
With his crappy job
In his crappy logo-d apron
And his grey white wheel chair
Happy as anyhing
Happier than celebrities with their legs and money
Gutter snipes with gutter lives and gutter press
It is always those who have less
That appreciate it more
Less to confess
Less to mess
Up.up and awayyyyy...
I think I am a pretty decent soul
I think my heart is basically true
I look at you
And feel it beating
You are honest
Thank god for that

I don't think I'll ever get over ikea
It shook me up so terribly
Normality just for four hours
Affected me and
I felt sick
He calmed me down
He stroked me brow
Maked me tea
And smile Again
Love to laugh
It poured on us!
Thank god for that

It's pretty blank today
But needs must and you do what you have to...
To make time for beauty
Time for pain
I look at your long spine
With brown flesh so smooth
And wonder how in the world
We fit but we do
You bother for me
I bother for you
And so is love
Thank god for that

If this blankness goes on I will wither and die
Then I will be born again
And like new hair be stronger
Nature is so good to us in this way
That gross grey thing becomes the butterfly!
The food here's so great
The colours so vibrant
The earth spins faster
Yet i see blankness
While making a home
The blank will become red and may make me scream
and scratch
My way into a massive crisis
that nearly kills us all...
Then there will be smooth lines
Clean surfaces
And lots of light
With icons, a black bust and ancient picture frames
An easel a piano and paintings from england
And olives from lucca
And melted down fear
And tears wiped away
And walks to the towers
And hanging out washing
And saying goodbye
and then run down the pavement
In Nightie and jumper
and crying right after
"The devils here daddy"
"So say hi and bye
And continue your day
Relax!my darling
Relaxations the key"

It wasn't blank at all
It was waiting
Ah, waiting! Just waiting!
Red becomes pink then and...

Thank god for that.