Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ode to an impasse

go round go round
and then spit up,dear
all the raw you have to give.
all the notes and all the words
and all the lines and signs and and rhymes
and plant them in a cave.

open up the top of the cave, so 
sun can shine and water rain
and tend the seedlings, tend to them
prune them daily
even hourly
yes then every minute.

when you come to them

all your writing is rewriting
understand, should be implicit!
stare it out
stranger on a metro
stare them out
lead on a leaf
watch them jumble impolitely
make you think you're mad.

soon they will have all their clothes off
soon they will be skinny maidens
soon they will have nothing left
and then it's writing
then it works

i can't work, as i expected
i'm all raw and all rejected