Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sea Speak

You'll find me on a shore called Dreamland and I'm wanting to walk on this water... water heavy with sea speak.
Because my mermaid isn't where she ought to be, where she promised me
She would always be...
In my peripheral vision.
I lean until my muscles quiver and i feel my stomach tighten for the pull of the moon, and then my gritty fall, ugly and it hurt,
Landing in another's space.
I gracefully stole the box. eyes right eyes left.
No, there is only some old seaweed and some clams inside, and part of a rubber boot
Nothing like an old letter or a locket or luck.
And it's all forbidden
She's my peripheral vision
That's where she'll stay
Always there
With my dreams and what we always knew would come to pass.
What we knew, the way you know about a melon, and the endless sand, the salty, limey tasting love.