Thursday, August 25, 2011

tiny torch

like the ones you get in a christmas cracker
to see things in the black
to see who one is
and see what lies before one.

switch it on, direct it at a leaf
what can you see, children
little pathways, a little route?
which one shall we take today?

i think i see right thru this leaf
so things just there they lie in green
but is green a lying colour, no
i think of that as red

yes, this tree-drop femininity
is a boudoir full of moods
but there's always one thing in her life
she has to be free.
she must be free.

this tiny torch can help you too
the keyhole in the night
you get inside and there it all is
waiting for you. silent. still.

go out again! and interchange
with other folk whose houses also wait for them.
their tiny torches found the lock.
for me, when i shut my door
i'm so relieved i cry.
i just cry.

this tiny torch can save a life
something choking little girl
something stuck in little boys ear
take the plank from your eye...
then watch how mothers see if others
have a need, before their own.

oh tiny torch it's good and bad
to make the blind man see.
your rays of white are hungry
but don't ever shine on me