Saturday, August 6, 2011


today i was meant to be resting...but i did some learning. la voix humaine, poulenc. been padding round my large light air conditioned flat singing ''je t'aime'' and strangling myself with an imaginary telephone cord... wearing a long t shirt with my cara-made (she is 6) lindsay kemps face badge pinned to it... i had black coffee today. how horrid it is. must allow self no guilt white coffee. i picked up phone to beppe, mum, dad and marco today. blimey. how we change. i HATE the phone. if i had my way it would be an sms only world. emails...just about ok. face to face meetings a bit pressurising but ok i guess. but phone NO NO NO. and as for skype where they can hear AND see you. nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had cups of tea. that was excellent. god i miss sardinia. but in 18 days i will be moving into my beautiful apartment in bologna. hurrah! gotta get some balance... there are so many things i want to write, but i just feel i cannot in case some rather dangerous eyes see them... it's probably a good thing. if i fully expressed myself i would probably get arrested or worse... have to wear crocs. i saw just the earrings i wanted the other day. diamond tiny studs. but they were 890 euros so we didn't get them then n there. ooh i bought a wonderful GF FERRE dress today in a superb sale...and a RUE DU MAIL one, too. they will come soon. cant wait. tea is holding the gaps in my life between working, thinking and watching french n saunders together. my cheek bones are the structure of my life, in general, but the glue is tea. its true that my life hangs from those bones, but in a safe way. life in a harness. security, i drink sainsbury red label. in the kitchen, next to each other, he has his red label johnnie walker whiskey, and i have my sack of 480 red label tea bags. i told someone on facebook who messaged me live that they were boring me , at 24, felt wonderfully cocktail party fantasy. plus... i noticed how smooth my elvive conditioner had made my hair feel today, whilst straightening my hair. what a gripping life i lead. *winces*