Friday, August 19, 2011

i thought of you while i was having a cup of coffee

you are hallucinogenic
when i look at you
i am melting in a pool of bubbles
bobbing up and down
so smooth
my eyes growing wide
as i look upon your beauty
feeling so caught
so owned
so safe
OH! to be safe at last
and safe in a bath
of scented musk
and drowning in your gaze
in wonder
on a magic carpet ride
this real reverie forever
in your clasp
and in your eyes
your mouth is like a cave of treasure
pleasure me with
pearls and garnet
wrap me in gold chains and squeeze
look, your profile! timeless honour
you look proud and
i'm enthralled
all my passion spilled before you
i am wrapped in your breath now
in your spell i wont resist it
don't unlock restraints, no don't!
let me be bound up before of you
motionless no struggle. no.
when i look up
you are standing
taking me in tenderly.
i am no houdini, never
i don't want to try to, no
in your fix now i am flying
we are on our goose, we fly
magic spells are scattered freely
and we made this energy!
our desire it has
made physical
actual things appear...
you can do that it can happen
but only with a mass of love
you unwrap me now i'm spinning
chains of gold and diamonds fall
sapphires on my eyes you place
emeralds for my ears you think
rubies on my nipples, yes
diamonds for my hands and feet
and pearls are round my neck
you scoop me up
and wash me down
lay me down a bed of feathers
throw roses tracing round my body
put some in my hair
for memory
and you lie down now, looking at me
you don't touch me
i don't move
we don't need to do