Saturday, August 6, 2011

where he would go, too

It was surprisingly easy to find pure joy
They just floated down their own personal lakes
And gave up the endless search and the striving
And crashed into each others arms and caresses
And all others were dead or worse than dead
Alive not in joy nor in pain.
And each day they danced in the kitchen
And she would look after his body while he looked after the cooking
They let the sun stream in mornings and ate peaches on the chaise behind the screen
And he in his youth knew it was forever.
And so it was. And so it is.
they ran til the end of the jut out to sea
And drank and then lay right back on the woodeny slats, her face full of wonder ,a life full of years and of tears and of stop.
She smiled and they laughed because it was
Surprisingly easy to find pure joy

Real love has no place in this crack whore of a world

And they knew
And when you know, you
Cant ever lose and you see
They were anima, each others scents.
He looked at her mug with lip paint still on it and he did not weep, for she had made choices, no doubt they were wise.
It had been surprisingly easy to find pure joy
Thought the beautiful boy as he channeled her smile.
She found it in going where he would go too.