Monday, August 15, 2011

with a will and some absinthe

no... i know but they feel heavy and they are wanting each other... their union fanned in lashes, like the pull of the tide ...whatever you do don't float, don't drift out to sea on your bliss of finding release and fulfillment finally... that breath must not fan you as you lie down and rest but it must stifle you, make you choke, anything to keep you awake, for if you sleep... you will go under... under the brulee and into the creme, don't stab the hard til it cracks open,  like deflowering the coffee jar when you bash thru the seal... if you fall asleep you will fall under the earth and no one will be able to go beneath the surface because nobody ever goes through the surface...we live in a surface world where every one is an ice dancer, with their flesh coloured tights skating around the truth ...  nobody is brave enough to say i will. i do. i'll dare. it's such a shallow time. oh they are so very weighted, darling, i am here, stay awake, don't close your eyes... if you do they might take you there... don't go to sleep darling don't go there darling, they'll get you and you will see things you shouldn't see... you have to look as they locked open your eyes and cuffed you to a bolt of fire against your back... so you witness people ripping the skin off their faces in sections like patchwork (to a background of kittens miaow-ing), your skin to sew onto a fake robot body.. about 6 inch squares, the plump bits are better, its easy to do with a will and some absinthe... and cats turn to tigers, and rip up the churches and the the statues and altar, and tear all the fabric and robes  apart, and then see the old guy who helps the priest sometimes be eaten alive and still not be quite dead... as he's wriggling on the floor in front of the altar, calling out to the madonna to save him,  i heard the pope saying a terrible thing, it's horrific, don't go to sleep it will get worse...  i was scared and stay awake, we were staying at the vatican, trying to stay awake and the pope he is normal but then far too normal then a bit too loose with himself and with god. then he said it... no, i could not speak it not ever not ever, wake up, you, wake up! no i could not speak it... yes we will scare ourselves so much we're untouchable, ... and eating dog excrement on on fours on the pavement darling, and squishing and rubbing it into the palms of our hands... just don't close your eyes, if you do they will take me, drag me from behind til as i reach forward to you, til i am too weak to fight ... and a memory just came to me from the past, of being out of myself while i dance in the park... making it rain with my palpable dis-ease... i wont let anything touch you...  just don't close your eyes, they'll sew them up and you will see no more butterflies or my smile as you touch my face... there are screams to the south, bird song to the north... be vile just make sure you stay awake... god i'm lucky, awake, com'on... the baby... he's coming, he's coming, he's coming... the baby makes it out into the air... a beautiful bleet and some tears... the demons are gone. your eyes are so wide and clear... for all eternity. so look at my eyes... it' s safe now ... you can sleep now but you are not tired. when you go to the edge once you never go back when you go to the edge once you never go back when you go to the edge once you never go back