Saturday, August 27, 2011

regal red city

in two days i shall live
in a different city
and i shall give
a going away kiss,
from my going away car
to those i will miss
to my crowd well-wishers
well, not well
for the crowd is none
but i make one.

i go from blue
into bright regal red
and i will eschew
cafe venezia, the beach
that sweet break dancer
i used to teach
my victories and
my mistakes
i leave them one by one
i'm done

i'm going to a place which is fraught
with history and art.
that rainstorm that we caught!
i'll sense the feelings
of those that went before me
their public and their private dealings
i'll not compare them
but i'll know more than a little
i assume to be dumb
is no fun

i want pescara to know
it stole from me, lied to me
three times though
i'll always love you
you were my first italian home
you helped me to be wiser, too
one always forgives
those one loves
i'm leaving, dear
(and you still want me here...)

oh bologna my squared city soul
my seven churches, my
life's romantic goal!
our lives become aperitfo swhirls
we waft around i'm glamorous
in high heels and pearls
san giacomo, santo stefano
san domenico, san insert name
i'm here with the best
i can finally rest

it's simplistic to think that to change ones location is always a life change
it may not change you, but changes where and how others see you. to rearrange
your food shops, priorities, banks, friends circle, clothes, delete your past
can be highly transformational, useful, a good thing at last.
i want to close the door on this years chapter.
...and drive away to our new home in rapture!