Sunday, October 23, 2011

swimming man

swimming man
crown down
dolphin surf
filthy earth
coming up for air what
why do you do what you do?

would i not stay right under
under those up and downs
and smell the hot salt
drinking it
purge myself
and spit it all away?
piss under water
show em what i really what
water lock open
slow thru my beautiful hair
see the struggle bones poke thru my face
and pull the longing to stay under
meet the mermen, neptune too
more male marvel would excite me
talking to coral about sea wine
the finest dew upon the weed

would you persist
in reaching for what
an about turn in the air?
taking in rotten seaside life
and roads of muck
and white burned fat girls
why would someone want all that
artificial bright ice suck?
swimming man
you saw it once
you saw it twice
you saw that light
it wasnt white
motionless and jack knifed
limbs pretty much
a thing of the past
doctors,such ways with words
screw up pages of joyce yes
masticate, then crap em away

chair life image
could ya' sex it up?
water dragon you
not for you what
you have seen
and yet you wanted more
over the pink!

that is courage
that is manhood

swimming man
doing what you can
so push me push me
show me, do
illuminate then laminate me
make me all that they can chew
sicken them with a glut of me
make them groan 'who the hell is she'
so laugh and have a fine malt frisky
knowing yes your work is done

swimming man
you know you can
dont be another fan
who opens like a little clam
then leaves the way he came

swimming just in training for
the speed with which you'll swim away