Monday, October 10, 2011


you saunter out of the jungle
ready to wink at one, then eat one as meat
your yellow mess of a hair fall
seduces one
seduces me
i have to approach you
mane, mane my mane
we could lie around each other
roll around in green
nobody could tell for a moment
not in a hissing or a calling of the air
if the mane were yours,
or if the mane were mine

i want to be with you
i can't go back to camp
i want to watch you more, leo
see how you own your territory
how to know
how to hold fast and stand firm
flicking your tail at the withering world
just to rub it in.
to show the losers once again
your power over all that is.
your cool sexuality
your air.

golden fury furred evil boy leo
your boldness turns me on
i wouldn't have you tamed
so i could be your girl
and play with you and heavily pet you
for myself, for daring pleasure
but i would love to watch you change your vicious speed
and eat some lesser beast and watch your dagger teeth
and lick my blunt little spades
looking on in shame
of how pathetic I am
but i have cameras for eyes
and i can dart and dodge 
i smell benign
i am benign
but yes, you rule the kingdom

that is, The Kingdom