Thursday, October 13, 2011

seeing a tree thru some shutters

i just woke up and thanked the Lord that i had slept at last.
then suddenly this light explodes, the outside world's ablast
all foliage has been flipped around, gold leafing thru the dawn
like coy young girls in maypole dancing round, all ribbon worn

and struggling to show their faces handsome kings in green
who reigned over the seasons kingdom, stoic, proud and lean
but beauties yellow, orange, red and flushed princesses dance
and any human with a wit is stuck, seduced in trance

and sliced and diced i witness this mathematic book of joy
colours playing hide n seek, my little autumn boy
and here i lie, the slab of white, so clinical and bare...
that moment was a masterpiece in life, and i was there!