Friday, October 28, 2011

become home

rose coloured early morning love, the smell of golden croissants caresses my small nose, as i walk past mamma's every morning... the smell of heavy brown thick coffee knocks me out.
i more or less feel a push backwards... the kids there are laughing and taking in as much nicotine as their still upright lungs will physically admit... talking so fast, spitting food at each other ,legs all over the place,skinny jeans or death, pasticceria or death, 430 mobile phones ringing at the same time, loudly,
they let them ring on n on.,nobody even looks!it;s become home. i love it
this no stress existence just shatters my nerves though.i am ready to kill the nearest accessory.
it will be a doggy (they are essential, with diamante tags, like their beloved croccodile handbags)

oh kids, kissing behind the pillars, tongues still in and out in front of us all, before they go in and stay in,
it's all a matter of time, the paint by numbers increments of sexuality kids today are hilarious,
but have a much harder time, no innocence allowed too much information,too much responsibility,
and they have to weigh under 40 kilos by law, we just had fun and ate sandwiches and strawberry mivvies

the coffee bars make me wonder about life, those snatched half hours are a massively important part of life; write lists. poems.listen to new italians words sit on your own, see who'll want the seat sit and inhale 45 fags just in 28 minutes she'll come and cuddle you she have flour down her shirt i guess she is ''mamma''
she'll call you bella when you look like shit she is home.i love her.

oh slut italy, why must they taint the perfection of their 'crema' with a powder artificial orange? it ruins it. you over egg the omelette so very often dear itay.why would you have to? you are already perfection. confectionous custard is heaven but so is the gently slightly stretchy tearing of a cornetto still half in its napkin to the dance of laughing pierced roller skating students.

i will go to the supermarket and get squigley sausage and bread and red wine and we will make food become fun tonight
claret coloured late night love.nice