Wednesday, October 19, 2011

red peach night

tall unusual garnished glass
no to be toyed with, tipped back fast
not quite red, nor yellow nor pink
certainly not what i'd usually drink.
there it was on a silver tray
this heady scorching sunny day
by the beach, bernado's bars
passing bikinis and crocodile scars
diamond ladies mutton loves lamb
thirty years back they were hot stuff and glam
then we pierced the olives skin
and licked the flesh and sucked it in
the mini plates of crudo sticks
the good salamis and tooth picks
then they whooped up cocktail calls
watch the barman, rainbow falls!
blood of oranges, peaches squeezed
amaretto, strawberry freezed
granulated, just invented
pouring smoothly, summer scented
taste the melon on the side
when the moon pulls at the tide
cherry bobs each sip you tease
searing heat begins to ease
i never tasted anything
as subtle, sweet and interesting
it was joy within a challice
maybe i had shrunk like alice
i felt tiny and as one
with everybody having fun!