Thursday, October 13, 2011

diary; complaint

people in hospital tut and sigh at you for writing (all of a light tickety tackety) on your macbook when they want to go to sleep EARLY (about 8pm) and tell you to turn your bed light off... and tell you they are tired form their illness (well yours has been 4 days, mines been 24 years, so screw you) and then THEY keep YOU awake snoring and gurgling... now, what's that about?
the injustice of it all.
makes me laugh. really cheers me up that sort of thinking.

am laughing under the sheet on my own n the dark like a mad woman... they will put me in quite another ward if i don't stop. hope i can cease the hysteria at my own thoughts before they come round to wake us up to take our sodding temperatures.

oh dear, the moaning minnie is choking now. if she snuffs it i will feel a bit guilty.
and will complain that her death and my guilt are keeping me awake and i need peace cos i am ill.

but complain to whom? discuss.