Tuesday, October 4, 2011


i was singing in a choir
you appeared in my space and remained
there's a place
for a life time, yes
gentle flames
and a blue blue sea
over the wine dark sea
it was on fire
you were the phoenix
rising up thru me
inspire one inspire two inspire three
i was just singing in a choir

the hand you write with
touched by God
arranging notes and quotes and love
pipes and percussion
and a warm earthy voice
the perugino colours
of timbres
and your seas...
she's striking up high notes
straight from Heaven
sending the spirit
as light thru the clouds
your siren calls
so write for passion
and squeezing sound
thru wet butter muslin
and a child's messy clenched tiny fingers

come in here child!
squelching it out
in tiny droplets
then great gushes of waves and foam

you wrote for me.
i heard what you said.
i love you.
you are dead.