Tuesday, October 18, 2011

diamond dots

diamond dots are flecks of joy
happy skinny teenage girls
arm in arm here with their friends
groups of kids in cafe bars
cheap jewellery, and crap tattoos
fake one glistening thru her nose
laughing about their bad weekends
and all about the boys,

diamond dots are ivory brides
yearning waiting passing time
this is your moment, zenith woman
waiting for the long night now
mouth the words unquestioning
oh,that will make your lipstick smudge
i am so lucky and happy to say
we. that word is here.

diamond dots have may-queen pride
swirling youthful open wide
waiting for your mum to see
and against the other wall
waiting for your dad to see
just how lovely you are.
my brother sneered and failed to see
my sister sent some flowers to me
it becomes their moment. not yours. you see.
and even though they split apart
and then they split much more, for sure
and dappled round the earth, and stayed
my family's all love
my family's all love.

diamond dots are understated
gossamer amour
i'm braver now but marvel
cos i'm softer than before