Monday, October 17, 2011

razor reverence

Looking up to catch at your ankles
with my my pounding heart
if they touch my head, your eyes
i'll die of start. stop. start.

you on high wont let me die
to keep me live is worse
hot-razor-tight, the fist in me
so kick me some more first

what do you like with your cup of tea?
When were you last in italy?
who did you always want to be?
if I were before you, would you see me?

and should you once acknowledge me...
I simply could not ever be
so rainbow joy snug wonderful
swirling sugar fire and free
smiles and rocking, cuddle myself
invisible baby clinging to me
holding on to myself and laughing
gushing great gobs of glee.
a pointillist dot of approbation
one word would stone me, see?
stony stony little nothing
poor pathetic flea

you wore a hat. you own a flat. you did a show. you never know. you wrote a song. you dun me wrong.
you pierced your tongue. you died to young

whichever you were, of many mine
I'll sing the same song every time
you were not worth and never knew
the reverence I piled upon you