Monday, October 3, 2011

dearest dream

sticky colour over your eyes
as you look up it's dripping down
and onto your raised up cheeks.
your head lily tired
and lolling back.
arms outstretched,
oh, pretty rose heart.
dearest dream of sweet relief,
pray for it, sinner
pray for your loved ones
pray for the loss
of all senses now
and as you go down
as you drown deeper
red becomes cranberry
darkening now...
mulberry, raspberry
claret, burgundy
aubergine, burnt bits
bacchus' bitter feast
of your pitiful self.
thick, glutinous,
long, endless,
stretching, sweet
sickly lines
linking your jaw
to your pelvic bones.

a crown of thorns around my womb
to stop pain from getting away