Friday, October 28, 2011

pull and push

don't look now i'm quite still
for once i'm not faking, not shaking
well, maybe a little
and that's just like you, to see right thru
whenever you come around
I catch me, so ugly
I am gagged and bound
but you could set me free
touch me
You could set me free form agony
or you could choose to cage me

well whatever we say or do
in this game there's one thing certain
that's that nothing's certain
but this pull n push desire
I have to touch you
do you want me to?

The heat and the tongue swallow wine
just makes me more fishy
more feline
make you take your time til your waves crash down
and mix with mine
oh, hello.
And in my arms is a tree
between my hips the moon
my legs the sea
raw energy
push thru me.

You could set me free from agony
or you could choose to cage me.
What'll it be?