Wednesday, November 16, 2011

miss diamond

oh she, miss diamond pure as snow
nothing can touch
nobody can harm
infinite virignity.
no, not imperfect wretched miserable humans
can sully her not quite white.
shine like a tear of love afterwards
or a trickle of joy during
or glassy eyes a moment before.
liquid miss diamond, this jewel
this perfect reflection sex
withstands the knocks and scrapes of time
the horror of unexpected disaster
oh, you mirror the moment the moon was made!
with joy with joy with joy!
like love, she lives on thru disaster
he told me that
and so it is.
pour your mined gloss and paint on some class or terror what.
miss diamond withstands pain fire and
mental torture
smashing, razoring, cutting glass.
it is not something out of reach
you may reach this perfection even now
as it is on my finger.
God made it
thank you, both.