Saturday, November 5, 2011

blue cafe

there she goes every day
blue girl, blue cafe
she's ordering her usual
decaffeinated latte
what could it be that is making her look so sad?
what could be so very bad?
this blue girl

she's filled up a whole postcard now
that's her normal pattern
the waiter smiles
he does his job, he says
'cheer up love, it might never happen'
one of these days she'll just up and run right away
she's always been drawn to sweden, or maybe norway

she's falling in love ,this child
is losing her soul
and when the papers all screwed up,
she'll go home

she's moved on now to serviettes
its a lengthy session
she hates the way she's lost control
it was her prize possession
what are the chances she'll meet her prince some sunny day
what are the the chances he'll be married or gay?

he will be gay...

well, which ever way!
she's falling in love, this chid
she's losing her soul
and when the papers all screwed up
she'll go home

butterfly girl
you're going to spread your wings and fly far away
leaving it all at the blue cafe