Monday, November 28, 2011

cloak in november

you are naked in some far off place
trudging thru the snow
you are gorgeous
your penis hangs down like a long female arm
so graceful
so powerful
your hair is jet black
and it keeps it all warm down there at the tree trunk
you have no chest hair
but you are not cold

i made you a pair or fur boots
and covered you in a fur cloak

it took me two months to make the cloak, thru july and august
too hot to hold the needle too!
slipping all over my naked skin and
stabbing myself
releasing pain
bleeding over my thigh
double whammy
so hot, so hot
and you would suck it off and swallow
and lick your salty lips
and spit down on mine
my smooth cloudy ones

and then it was finished,
your cloak.
and today you wore it
to protect you
and you lay on top of me, naked and freezing in our tunnel
where nobody can find us
not in a zillion years
they wouldn't have the first idea
where we choose to stay
or in which century
and you kept me warm
just form the light in your eyes
when you called me your queen

i just want to be with you
i want to anger people by worshipping you
i want to annoy women by serving your wishes , having none of my own
i want to push buttons and make them all put out by the old fashioned adoration i feel for my man.

you are my king
you are worth my salt, my death