Wednesday, November 9, 2011

it is done

you took away everything sacred to me
my mother, my home and my security
you grunted and shoved out a three year old's life
you took what you wanted but stayed with your wife

you flamed even more onto fire misery
when two teenage boys hurt me sexually
what i remember is her on the stair
sobbing, full make up and beautiful hair

my still from the film is her pleas on the phone
begging and sobbing for you to 'come home'
and nobody noticed it apparently
the onus for feeling her pain was on me

so tuesdays and thursdays were hell for me clearly
when i broke my arm, you know, it was yours really
throughout the surrounding pain , i was ok
what goes around comes around, or so they say

you pissed over everything i said and did
i pissed on your tooth brush then put back its lid
she told me to make you a coffee at two
and i always made it, and spat in it too

i hated your hands, and i knew where they'd been
can't speak for you mate, but, my slate is clean.
so. now i look after you, now i just care
like you do for an old person who's not quite there

you ravaged a life and you tortured a youth
but my spirit couldn't be touched, that's my truth
my mum and my dad stick together, we all do.
i hold my head high. it is done. i forgive you