Saturday, January 14, 2012

diary; what it is

ok so.... after my 4 hours sleep and M's 6 hours perfection packing... arrived LONDON GATWICK v early, n calm to go home to ITALY.... but so obsessed were they with my moschino key ring they were sure was a bomb....when we got to the point of going to gate to get on the plane....we couldn't. *we were not allowed to board*. too late. finished. missed plane, in order not to scream, or verbally abuse AND I COULD REALLY HARM THOSE BIMBOS/BIMBETTES WITH DAMAGE CAUSED BY MY INSTANT WIT (or burst into tears), and hearing the next plane was tomorrow, i decided we should do nothing for an hour and go to COSTA for a calm down n deep think. his latte; dish water. my double shot cappucino; slurry. our almond croissant; stale. so i politely informed them and they kindly exchanged them all. nope. just same. £7.90. thanks. i love england so much. now we are in lovely hotel adjacent to airport eating delish M&S salad full meals with a bottle, £250 later, we shall arrive home tomorrow. try again. keep smiling. it's a fucking farce is what it is.