Sunday, January 8, 2012

5 pudding day

you know... today i went to a certain chain of restaurants for the average lower brit middle class family (what a concept) and there was not one single thing on the menu i fancied. nothing. the wine was super and generous servings,  pricing, not bad at all. service superb. i will over look my needing to order fresh wine glass. so i had an ice cream sundae :-) which was shit :-(  GRANULATED YELLOW FOOD COLOURED ICE CREAM.not much of it either. SQUIRTY ST IVEL (OR WORSE) 'CREAM' ON TOP and (american style) cookie squidged into it. 3,75! never again. it told one its calorific content. it was 770. haha. nightmare.

then,one went along road in sevenoaks to the george and the dragon pub (only open for two years) and i had, in stead of just a coffee, a coffee and a dessert. the dessert was called ' dark chocolat fondente and pistacchio ice cream' and it was probably the best dessert i ever had. when i put my fork into black/brown small cake shaped thing, out oozed all this thick goo. GLOOP. thick dark brown i would say 80% cocoa solids and a fudgy texture in parts too and it was the most rich glamorous looking pudding you could imagine. my only crit. would be (if i was pushed, and as the price was nothing, under six pounds, maybe even five, i cant recall) that the long plate needed something more than one small round of choc and a rather smaller round of pale green. a drizzle of another colour or cocoa sieved even in a leaf shape or something. but wow. go there. apparently all the food is great. their espressos with whiskey weren't bad either! i oculd have stayed there all evening quite happily and want to take various people there including my father, my other half, mother, my sister .... but not all together, i want one(or four)  to one there with them....

when i got home, and having had two desserts for lunch, i carried on in the same vein and had two desserts for supper then some chocs in bed....start as you mean to go on.

i did. i do. i have. thank GOD for a small waist. hides various seasonal extra indulgences ...haha