Sunday, January 1, 2012

gave the child

gave the child a ball of wool
squidged it
frowned at it
laughed hysterically
sniffed a little
head to one side
final decision, grin at it...

hearts came out
floated all over the floor and around his little bumpy head
he traces them with his huge perfect eyes
thinks everyone can see them
not everyone my darling
just stay mum

gave the child
a fur crocodile
upside down
pick it up
put it down
squeeze it squash it really well
look up at us
sweetest child
pouring my flooding love into you
you and i know that it's true
hearts come out each time we do

falling down like little pink rain drops
he traces them with his huge perfect eyes

gave the child
adoring daddy
loving earth and loving seed
security within anima
all the bits a kid could need

hearts come out to face the evil
hearts negate what has been said
hearts comes out in a crack whore heaven
nulling every void and red
hearts come out because they have to
they have nowhere else to go
people couldn't dream it up for
only you and i can know
hearts comes out because they're in there
and they'll always flick the light
i place them inside you darling
every moment, every night