Saturday, July 27, 2013



taking me back
to where I was the last time
I caught it
or merely particular
a myriad, a mountain
of pointilist dots and
still one discovers new ones

this one, white sheets
on the coast in england
sickness, writhing in
the great pain and that gift
the perfume
to cheer me.
So kind the thought.
If I smell it now
I get sick and violence strikes up inside.

That one, in amber
warmth of a rug and
making love in the autumn
the glow on his face
the tongue, the firelighters
the aubern dog flopping about
flowers dying with joy
so were we
well I was
you can't have been
left me for a boy

the other one, the rain
freshly falling in april
the utter bliss of feeling alive
alone, in love, loved and whole
violet the colour... seeping thru my shirt
then a rainbow
bliss !
when I smell april rain today
I glow from solar plexus
right thru my anima
and radiate contentment
not contentment
utter ecstasy

yes, just because it rained that day

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

majorly overdue update in the life n times of emma stace darling

i was advised by the worst (ex) adviser in the world ( but the nicest man in the world) not to write a blog ... but i want to so i am back and i will write what i want to.

i am now dividing my time between bologna/italy and london/england with the beginnings of my haut chocolat collection 'Chocolate, darling?' (each individual chocolat using the finest and most expensive ingredients sourced by me for 20 years world wide- oh the the most jaw dropping superb luxurious packaging ever seen, using lots of 24ct gold leaf...the height of chic in chocolate and each chocolate with its own name and character and clothes, each with its only four line poem to describe why it needs to be there in the show, the cabaret of class) and my cabaret one woman show going round the place... not to mention art exhibitions, a new superb authentic agent/manager and my third poetry book coming out, not to mention my first novel being turned directly into a screenplay.

i am in uk now at this moment, east sussex, and it's really very strange. its almost warm having been freezing my arse off for nearly two months here with my exhibitions and performances.... now we have two major issues to sort out. and sort them out i shall. sterner stuff, me.

i wish that those who read this are well and happy. i most wish for creative fulfilment for people. i could not get thru life with all its squeaks and bangs without painting, writing, making haut chocolats, performing, singing, acting, modelling, whatever... i need to be doing. constantly. its like a sort of cross between the victorian work ethic (i literally work constantly, i wake up with a poem in my head that has written itself at night) and this non stop desire to put 'out' what's gushing up from deep inside. and so fast and so nautrally

also i have become an ambassador for the Notodogmeat foundation (see google and facebook) . this is a hugely important thing to me. there are barbarians out there who torture, abuse, rape and then burn dogs and cats alive,skin them and eat them. there has just been a big festival in china celebrating this barbaric inhumane act. i will support this cause to the end. it is literally an abomination which has to stop. and stop it we shall. it is non profit. we do everything for free. and most of it comes out of one very passionate clever powerful woman's pocket. whose name i shall not mention for her personal privacy . she is a heroine. i am a humanitarian and simply support whenever i can and however i can.

the thing is to follow your heart. whether you are hungry and sick, or firing on all cylinders winning the lottery and getting all your dreams. dreamers who work hard enough make them come true one by one.

follow this space. ooh and check out my facebook page 'emma stace darling' and my new fantastic exciting glam adventure created by superb artsist and writer michele brown 'pepi the smart dog'...he is the liberace figure, i am the celebrity lying on the piano singing figure in sequins usually and trademark 7 inch heels, and we are going to become involved in some pretty hot celebrity scraps. it's going to be a great ride. i am honoured to be part of the PEPI AND EMMA SHOW.

its a strange time. full of wonder and not knowing.

ps. please also check out my bbc radio interview with nick randell of the scratch and chill show. it will be going out live but i will put it on my pages soon.