Saturday, July 27, 2013



taking me back
to where I was the last time
I caught it
or merely particular
a myriad, a mountain
of pointilist dots and
still one discovers new ones

this one, white sheets
on the coast in england
sickness, writhing in
the great pain and that gift
the perfume
to cheer me.
So kind the thought.
If I smell it now
I get sick and violence strikes up inside.

That one, in amber
warmth of a rug and
making love in the autumn
the glow on his face
the tongue, the firelighters
the aubern dog flopping about
flowers dying with joy
so were we
well I was
you can't have been
left me for a boy

the other one, the rain
freshly falling in april
the utter bliss of feeling alive
alone, in love, loved and whole
violet the colour... seeping thru my shirt
then a rainbow
bliss !
when I smell april rain today
I glow from solar plexus
right thru my anima
and radiate contentment
not contentment
utter ecstasy

yes, just because it rained that day