Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas crisis

Real Christmas crisis!

well the tree is up and superb, the lights are flickering, all 560 of them, the decorations are resplendent... the Christmas dvds are on non stop... it's gorgeous here, and snowing...BUT

i dont know how i have done it but i have run out of PG Tips. i have either 4 or 7 days til i get to UK to replace it ... i dont know what to do. it is a real drama in my life i cannot live without it. i dont know hoe to cope. i am finding myself fantasizing about fortnum and masons afternoon teas and a cuppa with my friends... i have to find some somewhere tomorrow but ' lipton's' will NOT do because it doesn't taste OF TEA! at all.

what on earth will the outcome of this saga see? is this the last of me?
i have never had to endure life without PG Tips for more than an hour or two before...

shall i try methodone?