Friday, November 30, 2012

spending the afternoon with my idol

do you know how many people get to spend an afternoon with their idols?

well i don't but i suspect it's not millions. or even thousands. or even hundreds.

tomorrow i get to do this thru sheer drive. i worked towards it happening and it's happening. i have wanted this since 1991. tomorrow i am going to interview LINDSAY KEMP (genius performer/dancer/director/choreographer/actor) and talk to him. i will write it up for LIVING TUSCANY magazine to which i now regularly contribute. i enjoy it. i met and reviewed james taylor...a wonderful experience with him reading 'girl on fire' (my debut poetry collection) out loud in the street in bologna. i just bumped into him. hundreds of metres from the theatre where he was going to sing and hours before....serendipity. another high from this year.

have you any idea how excited i am? not nervous just excited! cos now i know him. i work with him. i get taught by him. stage craft. his own style of movement and expression which melts totally into my sense of theatre and craft as a performer singer/ mover/ actress/ writer/ painter/ composer/ wit and 'haut-chocolat' reviewer... one gets so bored! i just do what i do

but joking apart, it's a huge thing for me. big honour. i am totally humbled.

since i last chatted to you (not yesterday) and thru various contacts and my PR manager and my personal manager , my website, going on you tube, doing a bit more singing and a bit of modelling i have had my first taste of recognition. i have a facebook page with nearly 5000 followers for which i am incredibly grateful and my books have sold well, one was a best seller on! i have written two poetry collections and a novel so far, and am working on my dance more, writing a children's poetry collection and a third adult orientated collection too. i am working on my painting, aware of all i have to learn...i am also working up my singing.

i work fucking hard hours every day and i am a more fulfilled sorted person. i am very prolific and productive. i love it all. and tomorrow....we are doing the long haul to livorno...

think of me xx