Sunday, December 4, 2011

the wrong book

the kids in line all books in hand
the book store it was heaving
though no-one seemed to filter in
and dozens they were leaving...
the authoress was writing names
and one of them was hers
bag on table, book in bag
she talked with kids in verse!

it was far too busy for us all
if truth it shall be told here
and after days it was our turn
and finally we were near...
we got our squiggles, and both names
and went home high and pleased
she even had a pic with her
they both were so at ease!

pass me mummy's pink pills please...
in-store it went sick-fizzy
with zilions of five year olds
her desk-books-bags all busy. 

at home, and comforting ones child
'' we'll get gifts from the book-store... ''

for dedicated to my babe:
'the hole duty of a whore''