Monday, December 19, 2011

what if the best thing happened

post prandial perfection...
thought it was what
letting the little light in
allowing all the 'we don't want any of that, thank you' to squeeze out of
the gap in the old pine door
the one i wanted you said no
and you were right
at the time
yes, so coax it out just as it is
bilious belly bulging out of a weeny wooden skirt
and turn round, and come back to us
fine and pure
statuesque streaming sensuality
see how your
childhood expectations
held up;

''you were right''

it can't be true!
so God is good....
and i needn't have worried
endlessly and endlessly
and wept all night
and hid behind make up
and over exuberance
and over given
and tried so hard

i could have just
born my pain

been me