Tuesday, December 20, 2011

boy of about 15

odd time, lasts about a week
almost bouncy
all unco-ordinated
gangly involuntarily undulating, yes, bobbing up n down
but in air, not water
move like a lank monkey all swinging arms n legs
but you can't be king o' the jungle yet.
skinny long limbs
even flollollollopping down
and hard fall drop full as if they weigh tons.
from shoulder to finger.
a mile!

the entirety is full of life
extremes of expression in a nanosecond
japes grimaces sudden disproportionate rage
trousers falling down
then actually off

because there has developed as yet no arse ....

jerking strangely under enormous ear satellite dishes
attached to a girls headband
and that you see, is cool.
we wanted smaller
they want bigger
and that you see is time.
kung fu moves around the kitchen
careful or your broccoli quiche will end up punch kicked thru the sky light

nothing is new enough
expensive enough
sporty enough
no model pretty enough
no car fast enough
he. rules. ice.

yet when his special 'friend'
sends a the wrong text
he'll sob like the beautiful big bubba he is.