Saturday, December 31, 2011

love status

love is everything. all you need. all you want. all you seek. all you crave. i choose to give love unconditionally and am sneered at for it. and ridiculed. but what they don't see is, i don't get hurt by it. after all, if i give something freely and without expectation of any further action, then, it's done. given. and it made me feel beautiful. therefore, if anyone wishes to push it back to me, to upset, cos they have some personal reason,it can't come back to me. cos it's left me. it's left my anima. it's out there. as a child i wanted as much love as i could get from anyone i could get it from. family. friends. teachers etc. now i have my family, my loved ones, my friends and i just wanna give it without condition or contract. to anyone i want to love. happy new year. more love.