Saturday, December 31, 2011

stupid whore

found her in a bar
looking like something from a film
all red velvet dress fading
fluff coming off and bare patches, fabric thinning
smoking as if there were to be a
'don't mind if i do' embargo
making every butt, lipstick stained, proof for eternity
that it was you
you did it...

your lips
your secret but well traveled lips
you stink of old chanel 5
it comes out only on highdays
not too many, evidently
you are here for an occasion
you are here to pull focus
to pull him
to pull something

stupid whore
found drunk on your bed
on your front
lip chalk dragged down straight passage
top to half way down single bed
over the pale green
pistol still tucked into the tight side of your suspender belt

and yet
you wake up cold with just a splitting head ache
and clots of blood between your splitting arse cheeks

stupid whore
too flattered and drunk to
un-cling the atoms that make a man
a stuttering sickening stoat of a man
a lick of a dick
a flick and a click
stupid whore

so he had around 12 million murdered